Welcome to Process Tek - Sterility by Design

Core Mission
Professional, innovative, reliable services and tools for
design by first principles, as well as the optimization and
validation of sterilization processes for microbial control
and preservation of foods, drugs and devices.

Recognized as a competent Process Authority for
shelf-stable acid, acidified and low-acid foods in
hermetically sealed containers.
  • Serving the Food, Drug & Device industry via Process
    R&D  services since 1988
  • In-container Canning/Retorting for rigid, semi-rigid and
    flexible packages
  • In-flow Pasteurization/Sterilization and Aseptic
    Packaging of heat sensitive products
  • Thermal (heat, microwave) & Non-Thermal (sterilants,
    irradiation, filtration) processes
Overview of Services
Process Engineering, R&D, Validation, as well as GMP &
FSMA Auditing, Risk Assessment, HACCP, Problem
Solving and Custom Training for Sterile Products, Packages
and Processes.
  • Optimization of Aseptic, Thermal, Chemical, Irradiation &
    Non-Thermal processes.
  • Bio-Validation, Parametric Release, Process Isolators &
    HACCP for sterile products
  • Package Seal Integrity Testing and Sterilization of
    functional or labile products
  • Contamination Control for low Water Activity (Aw), Dry
    and Heat-Sensitive products
  • Process Controls for Cleaning, Contamination Control,
    Sanitation & Sterility Maintenance
  • Investigations for Process Bottlenecks, Failures,
    Spoilage and Re-Contamination
  • Specialty Selective, Differential, Fractional and Point of
    &/or Time of Use, Microbial Control Processes
  • Segmented, Remote, Portable or Sequential Microbial
    Control Processes
  • Sterility by Virtue of "co-optimized" Unit Operations in
    "Boutique" Manufacture
  • Reviews, White Papers, Lectures, Seminars &
    Continuing Education Courses    
Process Tek - Sterility by Design
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Principal Consultant
Kailash S. Purohit, PhD
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dba: Process Tek,
since 1988
Jan 15, 2016
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